Frequently asked questions and answers

Frequently asked questions and answers

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Questions about a day at the cook school

What time does the class start and finish?

Your class time will be confirmed on your booking confirmation. If you don’t have this to hand, call up the class you are attending in the “Book a Course” section of our website. The start and approximate finish time will be listed here. We recommend to arrive 10 minutes before the session starts.


What to wear?

Our classes are informal and relaxed so wear what you feel comfortable in. We will provide you with an apron to wear for the day. There will be part of the day spent on your feet at the workstation so we recommend comfy footwear.


What should I bring?

We will provide everything for the day. You might want to bring a camera to capture your finished dishes as they are plated up before you tuck in! Evidence to any doubting family and friends that you were a master chef for a day!!


Will I be on my feet all day?

For the demonstrations you will be seated and for the hands on cooking you will be standing. So for a Quick Cook or Key Skills session you will be on your feet for 30-40 minutes, for a day course you will spend a couple of hours on your feet throughout the day. If you have any mobility issues, we can provide a stool whilst you cook.


Can I come by myself or do I need a partner?

Around 50% of people attend the school by themselves and find a fellow cook to partner up with for the day. Others like to come with a friend or as part of a group. There’s no right or wrong and we’ll make sure you are looked after if you are on your own.


How do I get to the cook school?

Please visit the location page and click on the school you are attending for full directions.


Do you serve wine on the day?

We do serve wine with your lunch so if your cooking style is with a glass of wine in hand it’s a good idea to organise transport to and from the school.


Will I be able to take food I have cooked home?

You do eat what you cook on the day. Although quite often you will prepare more food than you eat, particularly on a full day course so you will be able to box this up and take it away with you.


I have booked dinner for the evening will I want a big meal after a day course?

Probably not – you will be finishing your last course of a late 3 course lunch around 4:15pm. We’ve found people generally don’t want a big meal after a day of eating and drinking at the school. Maybe a light supper later that evening.


Will I have a copy of the recipes to take away with me?

Yes – everyone attending a class will have a full copy of all the recipes cooked and demonstrated during the day emailed in a PDF format. These will also be accessible in your online Cook school account at all times.


My friend is dropping me off can they stay and watch?

There are no facilities to observe on the day. The day is structured so everyone attending is fully participating. If you are lucky you will cook and prepare more than you eat on the day so you will be able to take home your creation to show off!


How many people are on a class?

We have maximum of 24 people on our full day classes, or 10 at our Aberdeen Quick Cook bar.