Chef's Club Points

Chef's club points

What are Chef's Club Points?

Points mean prizes!

For every class you personally attend we will award you Chef’s Club Points. The more classes you come to, the more points you accumulate. We all know that points mean prizes, but our generous scheme will have you coming back for more.


What do points get me?

Chef's club benefits  

Chef's Club Priority Tier


The nitty gritty terms and conditions

Points are awarded to attendees, not to the purchaser. If you book 4 places on a single day and attend with friends, you will earn one Cooks Point. Points cannot be pooled. Points continue to accumulate and are not reset when you earn a reward. Our rewards are subject to change and will be notified by email and posted on our website. Points are awarded to all attendees on public courses, corporate days are excluded. As a new scheme, we are afraid that all cook school friends will start at zero points and previous attendance does not count towards your points tier.