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Nick Nairn 

With my knowledge, brand and creative team of advising chefs, business consultants and industry experts, the Nick Nairn Consultancy can develop the food side of your business to make it significant, profitable and prominent.

We want to promote the use of quality Scottish produce and make and serve excellent food at a price point that will be profitable to you.

We also offer exclusivity. We will only consult for one hotel group, one care home operator, one brand of leisure facility, one retail outlet and so on, so that there is no conflict of interest.

We see the big picture and make changes where other consultancies fear to tread. We will appraise your business with an unbiased, professional perspective and help at grassroots level with everything from menus and marketing to staffing and food sourcing.


Depending on what type of business you are, working with the Nick Nairn Consultancy can lead to achieving the full Nick Nairn Brand Approval. Brand association with Nick, a public figure who is passionate about food and has total integrity in a customer-friendly, non-corporate style, will add huge reassurance to your marketing position.

Full brand approval comes by working in tandem with us to hit our core brand values in terms of quality and consistency. This will take time and can lead to the use of Nick Nairn logos, our stationery suite, web pages, branded menus, marketing and promotion and even Nick Nairn development or endorsement of your food products for retail sale.

For this total guarantee of quality, the process will ensure that all the boxes are ticked, from properly resourced catering and service staff, training programmes in place to support them, menus and recipes tested and developed successfully, and all areas of operational management, purchasing, food sourcing and food delivery are in order.

We can also do smaller-scale behind-the-scenes work, which is unlikely to be a branding exercise, and may be as simple as putting in a new head chef or developing new recipes. But everyone who works with us will understand what our core brand values are and that they permeate food delivery at every level of the business.



Our approach is non-corporate and bold, led by Nick’s informal but direct approach. We identify problems and issues quickly and accurately, as a starting point for improvement.

Once we come to an agreement with you about what your business needs, the Nick Nairn Consultancy chefs, consultants and business leaders have a host of services up their collective sleeves to deliver an improved outcome for your business.

Whether turning a business around or starting from scratch, the process requires faith, guts and confidence. We will assist you in the changes and challenges needed to get ahead and stand by you for the long term.



Whether you are a new or existing food operation our second-to-none review of kitchen design, systems and procedures will assess how to raise systems to an agreed quality performance standard.


Recipes and menus 

Obviously food is key here, and we will open our ideas up to you and ensure that your chefs are able to deliver to our high standards.



Nick's great passion is for great Scottish produce. He knows where all the best providers are and how to use the produce properly and more importantly, ensure that suppliers will supply you.


We can help ensure staff are employed to the best of their abilities, hire new people, cut back if necessary and train those to exceptional standards in the Nick Nairn methods to make your business work.