Cook Shop Points

What are Cook Shop Points?

Save in our cook shop

Purchase any item from our cook shop, equipment, food and drink or gift cards (online, by telephone or in person) and the pounds you spend will add up to give special discounts for the rest of the year (yes year!)



The nitty gritty terms and conditions

Your discount tier is based on purchases made on your account from the 1st of January until the 31st December in any given year. On the 1st January every year your tier is reset, spend cannot be carried over. 

Spend does not include the redemption of gift vouchers or gift cards and is based on cash/credit card purchases only.

Your discount will not apply to any items on special offer or on sale.

Shop spend cannot be pooled amongst other user accounts and is based on individual, not household spend.

 Unfortunately, cook shop points cannot be used against Falcon range cookers and accessories.